Best Money Clip Wallets Reviews

Urban Tribe Secure, Slim Carbon Fiber Money Clip Wallet
Minimalist and slim
Functional and safe
Unique stylish ridge design
Huskk Slim Men’s Wallet with Strap Money Clip
Ultra-slim men's bifold leather card holder designed so you can comfortably carry up to 8 cards in your front OR back pocket
Created with long-lasting full-grain leather
Designed in London, UK
Garigolden Money Clip Wallet
The wallet is 4.4”x 2.8” x 0.2”
Powerful Magnetic Money Clip
Genuine Leather

Best money clip wallets

With women is easy. They have their handbags, purses, and many other options when it comes to keeping things on themselves. Men, on the other hand, have limited options. And they too need to carry around money, credit cards, IDs, and all that. Men also wear bags of all sorts, but a money clip wallet is so much comfortable. When it comes to this, convenience is crucial for men. After all, they do not like to bother themselves with carrying handbags all day long. And let’s face it, their pockets are much more spacious than women’s, which why they can carry everything they need in them: their papers and their car keys.

Why go for a money clip wallet and not a simple wallet?

Not many people look at the differences, and many of them think that the two items are alike. That is not true, however. There are plenty of differences. Otherwise, we would have only wallets, and that would be all. But here is why a money clip is different:

  • They are slimmer – wallets are not big either, but when you put them beside each other, you can notice that the money clip is thinner than the wallet. It is a matter of design, of course, but you can tell in certain circumstances. For example, let’s say that you see a man all dressed up in a nice fitted suit, and then you see a wallet in his pocket. The point is that it is noticeable. A money clip wallet, on the other hand, can go It is slim, so no matter where you put it, front or back pocket, it is really hard to see it.
  • They are pretty spacious – the money clip wallet is designed to hold as many items as possible, like credit cards, money, ID cards, and so on, but at the same time it does not occupy too much space. Even so, you can hold whatever you see necessary in one of them.
  • They are usually equipped with anti-RFID technology – I am not going to deny the fact that some regular wallets are equipped with anti-RFID, but the truth is that most money clip wallets have that feature. If you do not know what RFID is, you should know that it is radio frequency identification. It’s like that label reader at the store. It allows scanning from a distance. However, when it comes to money clips, the RFID technology will protect you from theft. The whole idea is to not let anyone read the content of your wallet from a distance. As long as the money clip wallet contains technology against RFID, the content of your credit cards or IDs should be safe.
  • They are easy to use – perhaps you think that this is nothing, but the fact that you do not have to flip anything open or deal with zippers and all that is a huge selling point. Ease of use will always be preferable to something that takes time, even if it is just a second.
  • They are highly durable – if you keep a regular wallet in your back pocket for long enough, you will see that it will tear at some point. In fact, I am pretty sure that you have gone through a few wallets in your lifetime. That is because you sit on them. Money clip wallets, on the other hand, will not tear as easily. They are more durable than regular wallets, which is why wear and tear will not happen anytime soon.
  • They are fancy – I know that this reason may seem a bit superficial, but money clip wallets are very stylish. They usually have great designs, and a high-quality money clip wallet is always made of real leather. They look very good, and I have not met anyone yet who does not like how money clips look.

Leaving the pros aside, there are also a few disadvantages as well. Personally, I do not find anything wrong with money clip wallets, but for the sake of full disclosure, money clip wallets are less spacious than regular wallets. While that is true, I think that the whole point of these items is to be smaller, and I do not consider that a con.

How to choose the best money clip wallet?

When you search for a money clip wallet, try to avoid buying the first thing you see. It is easy to be impressed that way, and what looks good may not always be the best choice. That is why you need to pay attention to details and make an informed decision, even if it is a simple money clip wallet. Here is what you need to consider before making a purchase.

  • Size – when it comes to size, you need to think thickness. Money clip wallets are by definition slim, but there is such thing as an ultra slim money clip wallet. If that is what you need, then try comparing a few products before you make a choice. That way you end up with the size you need.
  • Material – synthetic leather is pretty resilient, and it will last for a while, but at the end of the day, leather is the material that lasts longer. Nobody likes changing wallets every few months especially if they suffer through abuse, which is why my recommendation is leather. They may be a bit pricier than synthetic materials, but you save a few bucks in the long run. Leather also looks better, but only as long as you maintain it. Carbon fiber is also reliable, and it has pretty much the same price as leather.
  • Anti-theft RFID features – it is a pity that we need to think about that, but it is a reality from which none of us can escape. Thieves are quite technologically advanced nowadays, and you may end up someday with a few charges on your credit cards that you do not remember making. That is why you need this feature. As long as this technology is incorporated into your money clip wallet, you can rest assured that your information is safe.
  • Additional slots – I have never met anyone that keeps just money in their wallets. You need a few credit card slots as well. The product you buy should come with a few of those, and if it comes with a clear pocket for your ID card, that is even better. However, the more slots there are, the bulkier your money clip wallet will look, so try to limit yourself.

What are the best money clip wallets?

Perhaps the best money clip wallet for you is not hard to find, but filtering through the countless models you see online may prove to be a time-consuming affair. However, as long as you pay attention to the factors I mentioned above, you should make a good choice. Nonetheless, if you do not have the will or the time to do all that searching, you can choose one of the three excellent suggestions below. You should find at least one that is satisfactory.

Urban Tribe Secure, Slim Carbon Fiber Money Clip Wallet

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The money clip wallet from Urban Tribe is among my favorites. It has an amazing design, and while it is very slim, it has enough room for a night out when you are all dressed up. It can hold up to five credit cards, and about 15 bills in a front pocket. When using the money, you do not even have to flip it. It is extremely lightweight, and it is ideal for all those people who need just a few things when they get out of the house. You will not even feel it in your pocket.

The Urban Tribe money clip wallet is designed to be both functional and safe. It features a light and thin magnetic closure, provides easy access, and it is shielded with RFID blocking technology that will prevent electronic pickpocketing. All high-quality money clip wallet have that, so this model meets the criteria.

As for design, you are going to love it. It is made of carbon fiber, just as the title suggests, which makes it highly durable. The minimalistic look makes it stylish and classy. It is definitely one of the best alternatives to those bulky wallets. Moreover, it comes with a gift box, which makes it perfect as a present for someone you love.

Huskk Slim Men’s Wallet with Strap Money Clip

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While this is a bi-fold money clip wallet, I am sure that you are still going to love it if you purchase it. It has an ultra slim design that makes it almost unnoticeable in your pocket. It is lightweight, but spacious

at the same time. It can hold as many as eight credit cards, but you will not even feel it in your pocket.

This money clip wallet is made of full-grain leather. That means it is going to last for a very long time, and while abuse happens, you do not have to worry about it decaying in time. It will maintain its functionality and appearance for a very long time. The credit card slots are just right so that you can remove them with ease. At the same time, none of your credit cards will become loose and fall. Also, there is a clear pocket where you can put your ID card.

Just like any other high-quality money clip wallet, the one manufactured by Huskk comes with an anti-theft RFID blocking material. Your information inside the wallet will be safe, and electronic thieves have no chance of stealing from you. You can choose from a cast variety of colors, but they are all natural (from black to light brown.)

Garigolden Money Clip Wallet

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Last but not least, the money clip wallet from Garigold is yet another product worthy of your attention. It is a high-quality product that has a fantastic design, but its functionality is excellent as well. With its slim design, this wallet will fit in any of your pockets without you noticing it is there. It may be smaller than the previous two products, with only three credit card slots, but it also has a pocket for change and a display window for your ID card.

This one provides easy access to everything you put in it, and the bills are held together by a powerful magnetic clip. There are four strong magnets that can keep enough bills, and none of them will become loose. The wallet is made of genuine leather, which makes it highly resilient in time. The manufacturer chose Crazy Horse cow leather, and all the stitches are as strong as they can be. Even when it wears down, the leather looks vintage and stylish.

Just like the previous money clip wallets, the one manufactured by Garigold comes with RFID blocking technology. All of you vital information will be safe. You could say that it has it all. The design is fantastic (you can choose the light brown or black version,) it is durable, and it is functional. I am sure you are going to like it very much.

My recommendation

It is hard to make a choice between three excellent products, but if I were to choose just one, I would go with the Urban Tribe Secure, Slim Carbon Fiber Money Clip Wallet. I like leather, but carbon fiber has a slower rate of wear and tear. While it is lovely, leather needs maintenance. Also, this product has all the features it needs, which is why I think it is one of the best money clip wallets you can find in this price range.


While some people do not think too much about these things, I think it is great that some men take care of the little details. A money clip wallet may not seem much, but as we all know, the devil is in the details, and a simple money clip wallet can make a difference. I am sure that whichever product you choose from the three, you will be satisfied with your choice. Click here to buy on Amazon

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